The Medical Assistant Program is designed to fulfill the market demand for trained medical assistants. The focus of the program is the preparation of students to assist in the medical environment in patient procedures and administrative duties, with special emphasis on acquiring proficiency in the use of the electronic health record systems needed for today's technologically-advanced health care environment. Clinical skills and phlebotomy skills are included.

Medical Assistant

Graduates of the program will have the skills necessary to fill entry-level positions as Medical Assistants. Medical Assistants play a key role in physicians' offices but also in a variety of health care settings, including urgent care centers, clinics, and ambulatory care facilities.

Enrollment to the MA program generally opens late spring, going into early summer. Information on our programs will become available in March of each year. To apply, click here. For information on the 10-step process to admission, click here. Use the contact form below for more information! We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about our program.