Current resident artists


Mary Kay Palazzo

2nd year resident in metals

Mary Kay Palazzo is a second year resident artist in our metals program at BCAT. She graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a minor in Nonprofit Studies in 2019. Palazzo's work focuses on the sensory relationship between jewelry and the body. She has experience working in the metals field as a metalsmithing and enameling instructor, as well as a bench jeweler.


Caleb        Sykora-Bodie

1st year resident in ceramics

Caleb Sykora-Bodie is currently a first year resident artist in the ceramics program at BCAT. Originally from Harrisville, PA, he graduated from Slippery Rock University with Bachelors of Science in Geology and minor in Art and Political Science. Caleb is a production potter, trained as an apprentice in North Carolina under Matt Jones. He is heavily influenced by the traditional wood and salt firings of the American South and their slip trailing motifs as well as the brushwork of Chinese blue and white porcelain.  


Matt Zorn

1st year resident in ceramics

Matt Zorn is a first year resident artist in the ceramics program at BCAT. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Davis & Elkins College as a well as a Master of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University. As an exploration of the natural world and the otherworldly, his work seeks to define the relationships between disparate places— conscious and unconscious, delicious and grotesque, light and shadow. Through the use of ceramic and supporting materials, the objects serve as a portal to a terra incognita of color, texture, and language.

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